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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dignan's #2 Visitor of 2005: Expat Teacher

One of my favorite things about this blog has been having good dialogue with those I disagree with. This isn't easy in a culture that seems to thrive on extreme rhetoric. One of my goals for the blog has been to have intelligent conversation with people from various perspectives. The best visitor and commenter I have had this year to display intelligent and charitable conversation from a differing perspective is Expat Teacher.

I don't even remember when Expat started visiting here but it seems like he has been around since the inception of this blog. While we often disagree, Expat always makes me think, not only on the subject matter at hand but about how to treat another person with dignity and respect.

Thanks for your continued contribution Expat! I look forward to grabbing a beer together when we finally meet. Cheers!

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