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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dignan's #6 Visitor of 2005: Danny Carlton

You know that you have made it in the blogosphere when you get a stalker or "playa-hata". And for whatever reason, earlier this year the trackback monkey himself, Danny Carlton aka "Jack Lewis" set his sights on me.

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen written about myself:
"I've ran into these type quite a bit on the internet. Liberals posing as Conservatives, who get furious when you point out their inconsistencies. It's unfortunate that Dignan's faith wasn't real or he would have been able to withstand the poison they spew at universities, which is apparently where he was converted to Liberalism."
Here is more about me in a post of his:
"I've known for some time now about the practice by many theological Liberals of adopting a handful of superficially Conservative concepts, then calling themselves Conservative, or even Fundamentalists. At heart and in practice they remain Liberal, with the same traits Liberals always have. They'll lie, yet change the subject or twist your words if you call them on it. They'll call people names, then complain when they are called what they really are. But the thing that really distinguishes them is their habit of censorship. They censor any ideas expressed within the realm of their control. Any Conservative that's tried to post at the Democrat Underground has seen this first hand in political Liberals. It's the same thing with religious Liberals."

"I came across a piece awhile back full of lies and distortions by one of these fake-Conservatives. I responded on his blog, and it was deleted. So I responded on my blog, and he replied, with the typical Liberal methods."

Yeah, that's me alright. Pinko-commie Liberal and certainly not a Christian.

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