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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dignan's #9 Blog of 2005: 4 Boy Dad

I now have my own personal Lileks in 4 Boy Dad. Even better is that 4 Boy Dad is a friend in real life. It is easy to be biased towards friend's blogs, but even better when their blogs are actually good. And this is some great reading. We are talking "laugh out loud" reading.

Let me tell you what great people 4 Boy Dad and his wife are. My wife and I are on the perpetual quest to make more good friends to hang out with. Over the past year or so we have hung out with 4 Boy Dad and his family to discover something great: you don't always have to have a lot in common to be good friends. While we may not have a ton of things in common, I can think of few people that I would rather hang out with on a Friday night at Fellini's Pizza than 4 Boy Dad & Fam.

Here are some of his highlights that I recommend:

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