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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blogger tagging script

If you aren't into some of the technical work involved in running a blog, just ignore this post. Otherwise, proceed...

As part of my cleaning up and organizing the blog here, I have found a few handy tools to help.

The first is Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension that enables a user to run customized scripts. Greasemonkey is the single reason that I have completely switched from IE to Firefox. But by itself Greasemonkey is pretty useless without some good scripts. And have I found a good one.

As part of my move to categorizing my posts, I have researched tools to automate tagging my posts for I came upon this great script that does this and so much more. This script is created for use with Blogger and does a few things. When creating a post, the user can add multiple tags to any post. After publishing, a link is created to add the new post to with the tags. Of course, the same tags are picked up by Technorati. And as if this wasn't good enough, a button is created to automate pinging various blogging sites.

For more information, check out Johan Sundstrom's excellent blog, ecmanaut.

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