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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bush Lies

President George W. Bush, who has never vetoed legislation, said on Thursday he was ready to do so this year if the U.S. Congress approves too much government spending.

"I'm fully prepared to use the veto if they overspend," Bush told a news conference.
This is a complete lie. Bush has not shown the slightest hint of reigning in government spending nor of vetoing bad legislation. What makes anyone think that he is going to start now? Only President Johnson increase federal spending more than Bush. Let's recap the not-so-stellar track record so far:
  • The Medicare prescription drug bill which will cost over $500 billion over 10 years and will probably end up costing more. And the worst part of this bill is that it doesn't target the neediest of the elderly. All are qualified, regardless of economic situation.
  • The ineffective No Child Left Behind education bill that dramatically increased federal education spending yet did little to truly reform education.
  • The $180 billion farm bill that does great damage to farmers in developing countries.
Non-defense discretionary spending by the federal government has increased over 28% during the Bush administration.

In addition to showing no inclination to slow down federal spending, Bush has signed horrific bills into law such as the McCain-Feingold bill that restricts freedom of speech.

And Democrats think this guy is conservative???

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