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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

Daschle in '08 - Tom's not going to let a little setback like getting booted out of office discourage him.
Larry Sabato, a political expert at the University of Virginia, said Daschle was not in his latest rankings of likely Democratic candidates because he wasn't convinced Daschle would run.

"I wouldn’t call him the favorite, or even second or third. But it’s early," Sabato said.

Wage Against the Machine - Tim Worstall has a good piece at TSC Daily about the recent article in the New York Times Magazine about the living wage and asks a great question:
Note that one of the main proponents, someone who has been working on this for a decade, sees raising the minimum wage as an electoral and moral issue. Not, as one would hope, an economic one. For the all-important question is: do raises in the minimum wage actually help the working poor?

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