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Friday, January 20, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

Deconstructing the newspaper - Jeff Jarvis has a damning indictment of the newspaper industry that is a great read.
"Newspapers waste too much money on ego, habit, and commodity news the public already knows. In an era of shrinking circulation, classified, and retail ad revenue — and in the face of shrinking audience and increasing competition — papers have to find new efficiencies and cut these expenses to concentrate instead on their real value (which, I’ll argue, is local reporting)."

France defends right to nuclear reply to terrorism
- Another Onion-esque article this week. So let me get this straight. The United States is an evil empire because we have deployed troops throughout the Middle East in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on American soil. Yet multilateral and diplomatic France says that they are going to drop a freakin' nuke on anyone that commits a terrorist act on them???

(Bonus points to the first comment that figures out the connection between this picture and the story.)

Most College Students Lack Skills - It is a shame but I have seen this in action. I can't believe that kids are getting out of college these days and hardly know how to communicate or think. I think that this is a result of our universities and colleges becoming job training centers rather than place for people to become educated.

US to open WiMAX Spectrum - It is about time. For those of you not familiar with WiMax, imagine a WiFi connection, but instead of only being about to reach your house and yard, having a reach of 20-30 miles. I select certain coffee shops and restaurants these days because of free WiFi. WiMAX is going to blow WiFi out of the water.

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