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Monday, January 23, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

An anti-abortion message from a pro-choice woman: Want to cut down on abortions? Make them illegal

It is rare to ever hear a new point made in the abortion debate. But I have heard one today. Megan McArdle aka Jane Galt says:
"The insistence that the abortion problem can be remedied with better education would seem to me willfully obtuse, if it weren't obvious that the more ardently pro-choice members of our society need, in a deep down way, to believe that abortion is a necessary response to an unforeseeable misfortune, rather than a form of birth control for the lazy and imprudent."

"Which sounds more perjorative than I mean it to. I mean, I'm lazy and imprudent in all sorts of ways--just ask my student loan officer. But even a cursory thought about abortion leads one to the conclusion that inadequate sex education is simply not likely to be a major contributor to the number of abortions in this country."

"Not that I'm advocating making abortion illegal; I'm not. As I've said before, I'm reluctantly pro-choice. But "safe, legal and rare" is like "good, fast, and cheap" -- you have to pick two, because it's not possible to have all three at one time. At least not until we get that perfect birth control that doesn't have to be remembered, doesn't have to be prescribed, doesn't have to be applied, and never lets its user down. And by then we won't have to worry about getting pregnant anyway, because the Trump will have sounded and we'll all be on our way to meet Jesus at the pearly gates."

JOLLYBLOGGER: The Gospel as the Foundation for Civil Society - I am generally in favor of opting out of the "Culture War" as I don't see this being a Biblical approach in line with "in the world but not of the world". My Internet pastor thinks much the same way.
"Freedom depends on the spread of the gospel not the other way around. Yes, Christians today are indebted to our founding fathers who secured our religious liberties, but more importanly our founding fathers and the religious liberties they gave us were dependent on the spread of the gospel in prior generations."

"...I also want to be clear that it is not the "players" and the "culture warriors" who are on the front lines paving the way for the advancement of the gospel and the building of the church. It is those whose lives are devoted to proclaiming the gospel and building the church who are on the front lines and are paving the way for them."

Liberal absurdities on Iran - We appear headed towards a very bad confrontation with Iran yet some people are refusing to see this. Daniel Drezner wrote this very good piece about Iran last week.
"The approach the Bush administration has pursued towards Iran -- multilateralism, private and public diplomacy, occasionally deferring to allies -- is besotted with the very tropes that liberals like to see in their American foreign policy. I'm still not sure what the end game will be with regard to Iran, but to date I can't see how a Kerry administration would have played its cards any differently than the Bush team."

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