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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

Name Pending - Who knew Tim Keller's sons had a blog??? If I were to make my own list of the most influential Christians, Tim Keller would be towards the top. Tim is the senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. My wife became a Christian while attending this church during college and our best friends have gone there for years. Redeemer is at the forefront of having a missional approach to culture yet doesn't water down the Gospel. After checking out this blog, check out Tim's sort-of-blog.

The Consequences of Economic Growth: I swear I am not stalking Ross Douthat. But he continues to write a great blog that is a must read every day. It is kinda like watching 24: you know something amazing is going to happen every time you check it out. Today is no exception.
"Over the course of human history, economic growth is good for society, and economic stagnation is bad, and the best ticket to economic growth is a reasonably libertarian economic system. But this doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye to the specific problems associated with economic growth in specific eras. Or put another way, of course conservatives (and liberals, and everyone) should be in favor of policies that promote economic expansion. But that should be the beginning of a discussion about what kind of society we want to live in, not the end of it."

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