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Monday, January 30, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

The Downfall of House Republicans - Rich Lowery has a very good piece at today about how the House GOP has lost its way.
Who would have predicted that ten years after taking Congress and promising to clean it up, Republicans would be rocked by their own set of scandals, including the abuse of earmarks for contributors? Actually, it was predictable, given the typical course of revolutions — a burst of energy, followed by a period of consolidation — and the inevitable temptations of power. "I always thought that we would lose the majority in 2002," says an architect of the 1994 takeover. "I thought we would have an eight-year run. The fact is it's not good for either party to control the place for too long. You do get an institutional mindset."

ALARM! - I have discovered a great new film and culture blog. Peter Suderman is a freelance writer and also works at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Here is an excerpt from his latest post:
"Arthouse crowds are uniquely irritating, and while they’re not prone to the distractingly obnoxious preteen quarreling over cell-phones or who gets to sit by the hot girl, they’re certainly rife with their own brand of snooty, pseudo-intellectual nitwits. Audience members gab, scribble and fold newspapers throughout showings. There’s always a new girlfriend who’s been dragged by her moppy haired, thick-rimmed glasses-wearing boyfriend to a complicated movie and then insists on having him explain every scene, which, of course, causes her to miss more scenes and demand further explanations. The whole thing quickly degenerates into a Monday Night Football style play-by-play, in which the increasing annoyance of the soon-to-be-blissfully-single boyfriend is matched only by the puffed-up, intellectually superior rage of the rest of the audience."

New Gillette Fusion - Those who know me probably know that I can grow a full beard in about a week. As a result, I am very picky and demanding about my razor. I have long been a fan of Gillette's razors and am currently using the Gillette M3Power razor (despite the confusing name it does not play MP3s). I can't imagine getting a closer shave with anything other than a straight razor but I said the same thing about the Mach 3 as well. Well, now Gillette is upping the ante with the new Fusion, a five blade razor. For those who haven't used the M3Power, the power version is well worth it. It seems silly to have a razor that vibrates, but trust me, it works.

(Note: Gillette did not pay me for this mention. However, Gillette should feel free to send those check on down)

.....T minus 60 minutes to 24.......:)

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