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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuneup for Dignan's 75 Year Plan

I've made a few changes recently to the blog that I think will increase the usability.

Through the genius that is, I have added the ability to have categories for my posts. On the left sidebar there is now a drop-down list with categories. This will link you to my page for all posts on a particular topic.

Additionally, I have added the ability to view posts by contributor. For those who haven't noticed yet, I have a crew of brilliant guest contributors who do a fantastic job providing different perspectives with occasional posts. You can now click on their names on the left sidebar to view posts that each contributor has written.

Since I'm on the topic of my contributors, it is time for a mea culpa. I somehow left Applejack off of my Top 10 visitor list. Not sure how I did that since I had already found this picture and had made myself a note in a draft I did for the series. Applejack has been one of my longest supporters, is a fantastic writer, and is a world-class moonshiner. (Bring on the lemoncello!). I'm actually fortunate that he was unable to continue his own blog as it was superior to mine. Applejack is one of the least partisan people I know, so he keeps me honest in many of my cultural and political posts. (Is that better? PLEASE don't cut me off!)

Update: I would love to get feedback from you guys on any other changes to the blog. Like the format? Should I drop the "Listening To" on the left sidebar? Should I drop the "Comments" listed on the left sidebar? Too many ads? Not enough? Just let me know. Thanks!

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