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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Bush Plot: Detroit's Super Bowl

You learn something new everyday. I've always thought of the Super Bowl as being a culmination of America's favorite professional sport, football (sorry baseball fans, it's true). Super Bowl Sunday is almost a national holiday. But I am wrong according to Sandy Grady of USA Today.
"...a Super Bowl in a job-hurting city echoes the spectacles by Caligula, Claudius and Nero in another empire."
Wow! I feel so stupid. And all this time I thought the Roman connection had something to do with gladiators.
"The game has always been a dealmaker's den — infamous king-of-lobbyists Jack Abramoff invited Congressfolk and their staff on his tab to the 2001 Super Bowl."
Little did I know that the Super Bowl was simply a cover for Indian-gambling lobbying.
"When the Super Bowl trophy is presented, the official game car on the field will be a GM's Cadillac Escalade sport-utility vehicle, a symbol of ego and excess."
I thought the Super Bowl had something to do with football. Boy was I wrong.

I've never heard of this Sandy Grady fellow. Are we sure this isn't an alias for Michael Moore?

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