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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Cartoon War Escalates

Applejack brought our attention to the escalating violence over the "Muslim Cartoons". At first we thought that Ronald McDonald was going to be one of the few casualties.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It appears that one of Ronald's associates, a gentlemen that goes by the moniker, Hamburglar, was caught during a rescue attempt.

With the unfortunate demise of these two gentlemen, the insurance company decided to step in. They sent one of their representatives to investigate the situation. Sadly, he met the same fate.

At this point, the entire cartoon community became involved. Ireland sent a representative to mediate but he was quickly captured and held hostage. A homemade video was made and the hostage was heard mumbling something about his "Lucky Charms"

Some in the cartoon community have sided with the protestors. One gentleman from the Midwest was spotted at a demonstration in Syria.

We at Dignan's 75 Year Plan pride ourselves in getting the scoop on the latest news. We received information through an anonymous source about the origination of the original Mohammed cartoons. They were drawn by none other than Montgomery Burns!

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