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Monday, February 06, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

Bottled Water: Nector of the Frauds? - Pretty good point to be made in this article. Why does anyone buy bottled water? Get a clue friends, buy a good water filter.

Microsoft Suffers Fatal Blow - I'm not sure how Bill Gates is going to recover from this one. Might want to hedge his bets by getting in on computer memory.

Dignan's Map - Last year I started a group map for regular readers and visitors of Dignan's 75 Year Plan. If you haven't added yourself to the map, please do.

Councilman Wants To Ban Smokers From City Jobs - Why aren't the anti-smoking people honest? Why can't they just come out in favor of making cigarettes illegal? I'm no fan of cigarettes but I still like to believe that we live in a free country. Maybe not.

Feds Propose Tax on Wifi Use! - Ah! Taxes are always such a great way to spur greater growth and development, aren't they?

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