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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dignan's Daily Review

JOLLYBLOGGER: How is the emerging church "post-liberal?" - I am consistently floored by the insightful writings of David Wayne. David and I have become friends and I have rarely met a more down to earth and genuine fellow. The genius of David is his ability to make such incredible insights yet communicate them in such an approachable manner. I highly recommend David's latest post on the emerging church.
"I know I am putting words in the mouths of my emergent friends here and invite them to spew those words back at me, but much of what I hear coming out of the emergent church sure sounds like they are saying that Christianity cannot be defined in terms of doctrine. In that, they are affirming the essence of liberalism. I have heard and read emergent folks say they are "post-liberal" I just haven't heard or read them deny any specific tenets of what used to be called liberalism."

Georgia House OKs Tax Break for NASCAR Museum - I'll admit upfront that I am no fan of NASCAR and its "Left turn - left turn - left turn....". Ignoring my prejudice, this is ridiculous that the State of Georgia is going to give my money to bring a NASCAR Museum to Atlanta. Time and time again, studies have shown that public funding of sporting venues doesn't pay off, including this one. Exactly how is it the purview of government to provide funding for museum's like this? Yet another example of corporatism run rampant.

Why Campaign Finance Regulation will fail Conservatives - Brad Smith, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, has written an outstanding post over at Redstate on campaign finance regulation.
"Ever since Ronald Reagan emerged as the nation's conservative leader after the 1964 election, conservatives, and hence Republicans, have stood in overwhelming numbers for deregulating campaign finance. That philosophy has served the party well, and corresponded with a steady improvement in conservative electoral success, from a small, disheartened minority to majority status in Congress and the states. "

"Unfortunately, leading Republicans Party strategists have decided that the GOP can gain the upper hand in elections by abandoning the principles of freedom and limited government, and trying to beat Democrats by silencing them through campaign finance regulation. Call it "527 Fever," a beltway disease that afflicts Republicans, and whose most notable symptom is a paranoid fear of George Soros and free speech."

Criticizing Democrats is good for the country - Jonah Goldberg has long been one of my favorite columnists. Of course it doesn't hurt when I hear him echoing what I have been saying to friends over the past couple of years.
"In American politics, when one party moves left or right, the political center of gravity moves that way too. Bill Clinton, whatever his flaws, moved his party to the right. His triangulation infuriated Republicans because it is always vexing when someone steals your lunch. Democrats despise Bush's compassionate conservatism for similar reasons. A Republican president promising to "leave no child behind" annoys Democrats as much as Clinton's denouncing of Sista Soulja irked Republicans. When the Bush presidency is over, it will be more obvious in hindsight how much he moved the GOP to the left — by making the Nanny State bipartisan."

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