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Thursday, February 02, 2006

House votes for Merry Christmas bill

I am often irritated at some of the issues that Congress decides to waste time on when they should be tackling important issues. Well, as bad as Congress can be, state legislatures may be even worse.
"The Georgia House voted Tuesday to protect the right of government employees and public schoolchildren to say "Merry Christmas," but there was some question whether they did a lot more or less than that.

...House Bill 950 was definitely aimed at protecting Merry Christmas greetings, said its author, Rep. Clay Cox, R-Lilburn. He said reports that constitutionally skittish school boards were censoring children's speech for fear of religious entanglement led to the bill.

" 'Merry Christmas' will be allowed in Georgia again," Cox said."
This is one of the dumbest pieces of legislation I have ever heard of. Since when was anyone restricted from saying "Merry Christmas"? NEVER!!!

This is once again a case of out and out demogoguery. It is a pointless piece of legislation whose only purpose is to point out those who vote against it as being against Christmas and anti-Christian.

Well, put me down as an evangelical Christian who is adamantly opposed to such legislation. And let me call upon the constituents of Clay Cox to boot him out of office.

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