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Monday, February 06, 2006

Recap of the Super Bowl Ads

Well, last night I had anticipated sitting down to watch two reruns of "24" on A&E. Not that I don't like football; I do. I have just become very obsessed with "24" after resisting watching it until just recently. So I discovered last night that ABC seems to have paid off all the other networks and cable channels and asked them to air the lamest shows they have during the Super Bowl.

So I figured I might as well watch what should be a good game and check out the ads.

Did I just see a tagline for Diet Pepsi that said "Brown and Fizzy"? That may be the worst tagline I have ever heard. Hmmm....what is brown and fizzy? Yuck!

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund commercial almost made me vomit as much as the Diet Pepsi tagline. Don't get me wrong. I have two daughters and want them both to have good self-esteem. But I'm not exactly relying on Dove to give me a hand here. And if others are relying on Dove, we have even bigger problems in this country than I thought.

Oh sweet Lord of all that is holy and good! Please let me receive a new power Gillette Fusion for my upcoming birthday! I have seen nirvana and it is blue and orange (is it just coincidence that these are the school colors of my alma mater, Auburn University?) and has five (no, six) blades.

Now for the half-time show. Is there anyone under 40 that really likes The Rolling Stones. I have always thought them one of the most overrated bands. And this live performance has done nothing to change my mind about this. Is Mick Jagger's voice always that bad? I will give him credit for maintaing the average guy look, albeit with the heroin-skininess found in many rockers. Please dear God, don't let there be a "wardrobe malfunction"!

Was that really the Benny Hill theme song I just heard on the Sprint commercial? Sweet!

Alright, stop the voting now. The best SuperBowl commercial has aired. Any commercial that highlights the master, McGyver, should win automatically.

Good game but terrible commercials. How are these companies still in business if part of their decision-making process involves approving lame commercials like I saw tonight?

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