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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The 2006 Dignan Road Show: Day 1

4:00AM - Wake up. Ugh!

5:00AM - Dad arrives to take me to the airport. You know you have a cool dad when he is happy to take you anywhere at such an hour.

So here is the trick. I'm getting on a 6:00AM flight to DC with only a half an hour between landing and the departure on the next flight to Providence. I'm a bit concerned about this.

5:45AM - Get onto one of the smallest planes I have ever flown on. Not crazy about that.

7:30AM - Land in DC. So far so good. I'm right on schedule.

7:45AM - Get onto an even smaller plane. Yikes! But perfect timing.

8:15AM - We are in the air and I am going to watch Rushmore.
"I like you uniform, guy."
"They're O.R. scrubs."
"Oh are they?"
9:45AM - Land in Providence. How did that happen? Perfect timing on everything.

10:30AM - Brunch with father-in-law, his wife, her son, her daughter, and her daughter's husband. Ate at the Modern Diner in in Pawtucket, RI. This was the first diner ever placed on the National Historic Registry.

11:45AM - Load up the car. There is some concern about me not driving with tags. I like to live on the edge.

12:00PM - On the road. What a geek's dream setup I have. I have the laptop next to me connected to the stereo and I have about 10,000 MP3s. How sweet is that! Also have the power inverter to power the laptop or charge the cell phone. Plus I have the new Bluetooth earpiece. Excellent.

12:45PM - Just crossed over into Connecticut. What a beautiful state!

2:30PM - Enter onto the Merritt Parkway. I firmly believe that this is one of the great drives in the world.

3:30PM - Arrive in NYC, Upper West Side at my friend's house and actually find a meter to park at within two blocks.

4:30PM - After feeding the meter, Ted and I swing by Gray's Papaya for a couple of the best hot dogs anywhere. Hard to beat the food in NYC.

6:00PM - Ted and I break open one of my favorite beers, Trois Pistoles and hang out with the kids.

7:30PM - Ted and Diane have a prior engagement to attend so I hang out and eat Diane's amazing food she prepared for me - stuffed shells.

8:30PM - My cousin swings by to hang out for about an hour and catch up. What a cool guy!

10:00PM - Ted and Diane come back. Time for more beers. Hopefully I can be asleep by midnight since I am getting up to leave by 6AM tomorrow morning to drive all the way back to Atlanta tomorrow.

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