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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Close-Mindedness of the Mainstream Media

I read a very interesting piece by Richard Cohen in today's Washinton Post. In this article, Richard expresses his dismay that no one outside the West has condemned the threat to execute Abdul Rahman, the Afghan on trial for converting to Christianity. Admirably so, Richard advocates the aquittal of Rahman. But in doing so, he betrays his complete lack of imagination and open-mindedness, so revered in Western culture.
"The murder of a person for his religious belief ought to be inconceivable."

"I can embrace an Afghan for his children, his work, even his piety -- all he shares with much of humanity. But when he insists that a convert must die, I am stunned into disbelief: Is this my fellow man?"
While I agree with the sentiment here, what strikes me is that Cohen apparently can't conceive of people acting on religious grounds. Everything is viewed through the "religion" of secular humanism. (And yes, it is a religion)

I'm wondering what other religious beliefs that Cohen would find inconceivable. I suppose I was mistaken to think that journalists were supposed to be open-minded about understanding different perspectives.

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