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Thursday, March 09, 2006

An Ode to the Gillette Fusion

Mine eyes have seen the glory!

Yesterday I realized that I had run out of blades for my Gillette MPower razor and made a mad dash to the local Target. Oh yes, it was time for the new Gillette Fusion.

I have been an avid Gillette consumer since the days of the Gillette Sensor. This is mostly because of the combination of having to shave almost every day and having very sensitive skin. These things don't go together well.

So over the years I have upgraded as Gillette has released new razors. I'll never forget when I got my Gillette Mach3 that I thought that there could never be a better razor. But Gillette just kept on one-upping themselves.

I truly did think that the limits of innovation had been reached with the Gillette MPower razor. I think the power thing seemed ridiculous to some people but I can attest that it makes a huge difference. I have been getting some of the best shaves of my life with this razor. Yet....

Yet there was a lingering doubt in the back of my mind. That doubt was caused by the idea of going old-school with a safety razor.

I'm pretty sure that I could get a close shave with a safety razor yet I would have to sacrifice the quickness and convenience of the Gillette MPower.

This morning I have discovered that I don't have to make that sacrifice.

Especially considering all the hype, I don't think a single consumer product has ever exceeded expectations like the Gillette Fusion. I am completely serious when I say that I went to bed last night like a little boy on Christmas Eve at the impending excitement of the coming morning. Yet I kept telling myself that I was setting myself up for disappointment.

So this morning I stepped into the shower in anticipation. (yes I do shave in the shower; shaving at the sink is so Neanderthal). I lathered up, pressed the power button, and began to shave.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

I started with very light strokes across my neck to start. After making one pass across my neck, I felt to see what parts I had missed and needed to go over again. NONE!!!

I kid you not. In one pass I had a smoother and closer shave than in multiple passes with the Gillette MPower. And my skin was not irritated.

I continued with my face and then got to the real moment of truth: shaving my rather angular chin and jawline. I always have trouble getting a close shave there. I either don't get very close or I cut myself.

Once again, in one pass I had the closest shave I have ever had. Not even the tinniest bit of stubble left. And no red and raw face to show for it.

I am convinced that Gillette is the greatest modern-era company. What other company releases products that continually surpass all expectations? (and on top of that having their namesake stadium host the NFL dynasty of the 2000's)

Disclaimer: Gillette has not paid me for my opinions in this post. However, should Gillette choose to compensate me, they can click here:

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