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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Case Against Cynthia McKinney - Part 1

So why have I been moved to consider running against Cynthia McKinney? Is it just her politics? No, not at all. Not that I necessarily agree with all of her politics, the real issue is her ineffectiveness.

McKinney has been in Congress a total of twelve years. During that time, her aggregate salary is well over $1 million. And that doesn't even include her staffers. So what has the 4th District of Georgia received? Very very little.

My crack research team has turned up the following bills that McKinney sponsored that have become law:
  • A bill that renamed a post office in Decatur, GA
  • A bill to establish the Arabia Mt. National Heritage Site
Yet somehow Cynthia McKinney claims to be helping the citizens of the 4th District. Well, the facts don't lie.

If Cynthia simply wants to "Speak Truth to Power", then she can take a cue from Michael Moore or Ann Coulter or any number of pundits and let us have real representation.

If you would like to support the cause, I'd love to get more submissions from people willing to research McKinney's record. I'm only interested in her record in Congress. I'd like to see how many bills she has even sponsored, if she had many co-sponsors for those bills compared to other bills, what her attendance has been, etc. Please feel free to email me with any information.