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Thursday, May 04, 2006

David Frum: Chicken Hawk, Canadian, or Just Wrong?

Stacy McCain at DonkeyCons pointed out a very interesting article for me today. It appears that David Frum, a noted conservative political commentator, has written an article blaming General Tommy Franks for the debacle in Iraq.

I'll let that sink in for a minute.

I know very little about Franks. Don't know if he is a good man or not. But last I checked, he is a military man and as such follows the chain of command. I'm sure that Franks had a lot of say in the particular strategy used to invade Iraq.

But I'm guessing that Franks worked within the parameters he was given, especially the number of soldiers at his disposal.

This article strikes me as someone struggling for answers and coming up short. It also sounds a lot like the way General McArthur was blamed for being too successful in Korea.

Incidentally, I am amused at some of the discussion surrounding Frum being a "chicken- hawk" or a Canadian, as if either of those disqualify him from the discussion. Why do people resort to such dumb ideas of calling someone a "chicken hawk". Why not just say that the person's argument is wrong and without merit? I guess people prefer ad hominem though.

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