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Monday, May 15, 2006

Lame Excuse #213: Student fatigue to blame for drop in SAT scores? reported today that the drop in SAT scores might be caused by student fatigue.
"At three hours, 45 minutes, the newly expanded SAT exam can be a grueling marathon of essays and multiple-choice bubbles, many high schoolers say. Now, with preliminary figures showing a small but noticeable drop in scores this year, some experts wonder if student fatigue is to blame."
Is it just me, or do I hear a new excuse every year to explain why SAT score continue to drop? This after the SAT standards have been dropped continually for over 10 years.

With such a brave and courageous media here in America (note the reaction to the Mohammed cartoons in Europe), you would think that at least one journalist would question why our public school system in general is a complete failure.

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