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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hank Johnson for Congress: Rally Recap

Big thanks to all who came out to the rally to show support for Hank Johnson. My conservative guess is that we had 300-400 people show up, which is outstanding considering the short notice and the time of the rally.

State Representative Mike Jacobs organized and hosted the event and did a fantastic job introducing Hank. In addition to Mike, other elected officials showing their support at the event included State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, State Rep. Kathy Ashe, and former Dekalb County CEO Liane Levitan.

I'm sure that Cynthia McKinney is going to claim that only white Republicans in the northern portion of the district are supporting Hank Johnson but as always she would be wrong. The rally was overwhelmingly attended by Democrats who are sick and tired of having a divisive and self-centered individual as their representative to Congress.

I was very impressed by Hank's remarks about his desire to represent the entire district and work to bring people together. I especially liked that his biggest promise is to make his constituents proud. I got a few minutes to speak directly with Hank and found him to be very well-spoken, thoughtful, and willing to listen: all great qualities for a public servant.

On a amusing note, I was blown away by how many people knew who I was. At least 30-40 people introduced themselves to me and said that they read my blog and that they came to the rally because of my invitation.

Finally, please show your support by visiting Hank's website and donating to his campaign. And most importantly for those who live in the 4th District, go vote for Hank on August 8th.