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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hank Johnson is Blogging at The Hill

Hank Johnson's Deputy Communication Director emailed me today and informed me that Hank is the only Congressional candidate blogging at The Hill. This is fantastic and I hope to see more of this from Hank once he is elected.

I particularly appreciate Hank's optimism about our district and moving past the cynicism that has dominated the McKinney years.
"This district, so unusually constituted, is asked every two years to elect with one voice a single representative to stand up for its many (and sometimes conflicting) interests in Congress. And this is where politics becomes beautiful. Over the course of human history, how many places with hundreds of thousands of people of all different ages, colors, and persuasions have agreed to engage in a civil discussion of the issues, to compromise, and to defer to the will of the majority (while respecting the rights of the minority) in the selection of public policy and leadership?

Georgia’s 4th Congressional District, like so many across this country, is committed to peaceful coexistence, to fairness in representation, to compromise for the maintenance of civil society. It is a beautiful democratic culture. And for all of politics’ many vices – for all of its half-truths and injustices — it remains the common thread that allows us to work out our differences peacefully, across communities, peoples, and borders. That’s a beautiful thing, and I’m thrilled to be so intimately connected to it while running for office. Stay tuned for more impressions and stories from the campaign trail as I fight to unseat Cynthia McKinney in the Georgia 4th!"
Amen brother! This gives me hope that I am finally going to have a representative to Congress that will listen to the entire district.