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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

John Coyne is Enemy #1

You can't imagine how irritated I am right now. Today is the primary election day in Georgia and a chance to rid myself of the most ineffective member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney. I didn't have high hopes of her challenger, Hank Johnson, winning, but hope I did. And I voted for him.

Well, fate can be very cruel. I am looking at the returns now and 80% of the precincts have reported. McKinney has 46% of the vote and Hank Johnson has about 44%. If neither candidate gets 50% then there will be a runoff. But here is the kicker. There is a third candidate.

John Coyne ran as a Democrat as well. And guess what? Coyne doesn't live in the district. Coyne doesn't know anything about the district. But Coyne has garnered 8% of the vote. And it also almost certain that those votes would have gone to Johnson had Coyne not run.

I couldn't be more furious that some interloper jackass from the other side of town decided to come to my district and ruin the chances of getting rid of McKinney.

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