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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stop the Demogoguery Hugh!

So I am reading Hugh Hewitt's blog tonight and come upon a post about today's court decision regarding warrentless surveillance. After a legal analysis of the decision, Hugh throws out the usual conservative talking points:
"Rather, the judge has triggered another great moment of clarity about the Ned Lamont Democrats (and the Jon Tester Democrats in Montana, the Debbie Stabenow Democrats in Michigan, the Maria Cantwell Democrats in Washington State, the Sherrod Brown Democrats in Ohio etc etc.) Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is a Jimmy Carter appointee, and so she's even given us a twofer today: Illustrating the vast dangers of liberals running national security, and the lasting impact of liberal presidents on national security."

Not surprisingly, plenty of red meat for the base. Of course those on the left will object to Hugh's comments here but that is par for the course and what you would expect.

At this point, however, the wheels come off.

"Don't run for your life in the fall. Vote for your life. Every vote for a Democrat (except Joe Lieberman) is a vote against victory."

Let me see if I understand Hugh correctly here. Voting Democrat equals suicide. Literally.

I'm guessing that Hugh is not trying to convince anyone of anything, but this is pathetic nonetheless. Why do pundits (and even politicians) have to resort to such feeble thinking? Why not just write "Nanny nanny boo boo!"