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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Lies of Cynthia McKinney and Billy McKinney

Desperation is setting in for Team McKinney. As most of you know, the most ineffective member of the US Congress, Cynthia McKinney, is in a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the 4th District in Georgia. And she and her Anti-Semitic father are willing to say anything and everything in hopes of her being re-elected.
Lie #1: "I will be pitted against a mostly unknown and unproven opponent, who will nonetheless have the unanimous backing of big national media and national money." - Cynthia McKinney
This is a complete fabrication that Hank Johnson is being funded by national money and the implication that Cynthia McKinney is not. According to PoliticalMoneyLine, 65% of McKinney's contributions have come from out of state. Not mentioned is that many of her contributions from Georgia have not been from her district. Conversely, only 6% of Hank Johnson's contributions have come from out of state. I will add the caveat that these percentages may have changed since the primary two weeks ago but I doubt that they have changed signficantly.
Lie #2: "The media and money behind my opponent will do their utmost to polarize the election along racial and party lines." - Cynthia McKinney
This is highly comical since Cynthia McKinney is one of the great race-baiters in our country today. And specious since her opponent, Hank Johnson, is black as well. I'm not sure how a runoff featuring two black candidates can be polarized along racial lines.

This statement is also ridiculous because McKinney does everything she can to blame every ill on the "white man". Her recent run-in with Capital Police was of course evidence of racism. While she constantly claims to be a victim of racism, she hopes others ignore the fact that as a black female, she is a US Congresswoman, is highly educated, and is a member of the "rich" that she so often rails against. Her constant claims of racism are a great insult to those blacks and other minorities who are truly victims of real racism.
Lie #3: "To win, they must provoke a stampede of Republican voters to the polls on August 8th." - Cynthia McKinney
I predicted this particular lie from McKinney last week. It is sad how predictable she has become. The AJC showed very clearly that McKinney was forced into this runoff not because of Republicans crossing over but because fewer Democrats in South DeKalb County voted for her. I can also attest that at last week's rally for Hank Johnson, very few if any Republicans were in attendance.
Lie #4 - "I have been scored by and according to, I have the highest legislative record, success record, of any of the Democrats in the Georgia delegation; and that's including Congressman John Lewis." - Cynthia McKinney during 7/31/06 debate.
It is amazing that McKinney is willing to make such a brazen and patently untrue statement that is so easy to disprove. According to, McKinney is actually 408 out of 435 representatives in their Power Rankings. This is pathetic for a representative with 12 years of tenure in Congress. And she is second to last for Georgia representatives, besting only John Barrow, a first term representative.

Cynthia McKinney also must assume that her constituents are stupid by claiming a strong legislative record. In my research, I have discovered only one bill that she sponsored that has become law: a bill to rename a post office in Decatur, GA. A case can be made by McKinney that she has been in the minority party during the Bush administration. Fine. But show me the legislation she sponsored under the Clinton administration. You won't find any.
Lie #5 - "The Fourth District is in danger of being represented by the Republican Party. As I have looked back over the last year of political events, I have detected a very astute strategy to turn the 4th district over to the Republican party." - Billy McKinney
One wonders what universe Billy McKinney lives in. The 4th District of Georgia is just about the most Democratic district in Georgia behind only Rep. John Lewis' 5th District. The 4th District has been represented by a Democrat for over a decade with hardly a serious Republican challenger. On top of the fact that in 2004, the Georgia State Legislature redrew the district boundaries to make it even more Democratic.
Lie #6 - "It is easy to see that Hank [Johnson] is a darling of the Republicans." - Billy McKinney
Let's take a look at Hank Johnson on the issues and see how likely this statement is.
Yeah, Hank sure does sound like a hardcore Republican to me.

The sad thing about all of these lies from Cynthia and Billy is the presumption that their constituents, particularly the black community, is too stupid to fact check them. I have spoken with many of my black friends about McKinney and to a person they are embarrassed to have her as a representative. As am I.