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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hinton for Congress: Overview

I realized today that it is getting a bit hard to follow this story on my blog because of all the posts I have written on the topic. Going forward, I am going to use this post to outline all that has happened so far and will continue updating this post.

Regarding my possible challenge to Cynthia McKinney, I have decided to make a definitive statement one way or another by the end of the month if not sooner. There is a lot of behind the scenes work and discussion taking place that will help me make a decision. I know that many people would like to support me but are waiting to see if I am really serious about this. Well, rest assured that I will clear up any uncertainty very soon.

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Media Appearances:
Interview w/ Tom Hughes on WGST 640 AM
Article in the Sunday Paper

Web Coverage:
Multiple Mentality
"...this could be a huge step in getting the online world closer to the real world."
Finding Waldo
"While many bloggers are criticized for much talk and little action, a fed-up, well educated, successful businessman named Will Hinton, is planning on challenging the mediocrity of his congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney."
CatHouse Chat
The RedHawk Review
National Journal: The Blogometer
"This is your chance to practice politics like our Founding Fathers would have if they’d had the internet."
Drifting Through the Grift
The Whole Card
Human Events Online
Beltway Blogroll
The American Spectator
The Pearcey Report
Captain's Quarters
"Maybe Georgia voters should take note and grab this opportunity for a real impact on politics."
Lone Star Times
The Jawa Report
Swap Blog
Page 132
GM's Corner
The Buzz Blog
Church and State
Irrelevant Musings
"My new hero"
Inside Larry's Head
Yeah Politics
Kiko's House
Sister Toldjah
Anton Traversa
" does wonder how McKinney got elected in the first place, which makes me respect the courage of someone like Dignan even more"
Dean's World
Common Folk Using Common Sense
Pros & Cons
"Pretty great stuff when blogging can help grass-roots efforts such as Will Hinton running for Congress"
Don Singleton
"I do believe that we will see successful candidates launch campaigns via citizens media."
PalmTree Pundit
"one of the blogosphere’s most eloquent, reasoned voices on Christianity, arts, and politics"
Donkey Cons
Atlanta Public Affairs
MoonDawg's Den
Nylon (in Greek)
Winds of Change.NET
"Will's media-friendly story and the potential reach of his blog put him in the perfect position to shine a very bright national spotlight on on our favourite racist, conspiracy-mongering, terror-supporting Democrat (admittedly there are others, but none with her forthright flair)."
Media Lies
"They say the revolution will be blogged. Is it just possible that the revolution will be bloggers?"
basil's blog
Adam's Blog
"It shows more of what we need. People actually doing something rather than just talking about it."
No Left Turns
"I spoke with Will Hinton today. His head is screwed on straight, and he isn’t afraid of any of the attacks that McKinney is likely to mount, should he enter the race."
Gay Orbit
Riehl World View
Minnesota Public Radio: Polinaut

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